Our main responsibilities


Our industrial hygiene safety programs include workplace exposure assessments that provide a road map to prevention, protection and compliance by a process of evaluating and prioritizing the monitoring and control

In confidence with Integrity. Integrity is continually raising the benchmark for Honesty, Integrity and Service within the Recruitment industry.

Ensuring product quality is the cornerstone of everything we do - from our manufacturing practices to our retailers.

A team of employees working exclusively in the field of product stewardship monitors the legal obligations arising from handling products and makes sure they are observed.

A Perfect Solution To Industries

Mohammad Al-Mis’hal Corporation (MMC) is a one-stop destination where you can halt to meet various requirements.
We are proud to introduce ourselves to your esteemed company, as stockiest for electrical and consumable spare parts.
Our goal is to satisfy our customers, for that we are not only rely on our experience acquired over the past 12 years, but also on the good management of our organization, supported by high performance and reliable information sources, order taking in real time to precise follow up of customer delivery.